I sanitized the cage and some of the tubes. Everything is good to go. The Timothy hay is pretty much brand new and the litter bags are half-full. The hamster that was in it previously passed from natural causes, so nothing is contaminated from sickness or anything. $30 for everything pictured
Brand New!
Yellow wheel and cloud dust for dry baths
CAGE ONLY! upgrading to a bigger cage and don t need this one anymore... fairly new only a couple months old. Asking $80 OBO
Dylan is a confident young boy, likes to be in charge, while Spunky, is more shy. Both are healthy and ready for a new home!!...
EUC. Guinea pig/ hamster wheel. Our babies are too chubby to play in it. Hours of fun for your little fur baby.
We have an EXTREMELY tame female Syrian named Nyla or NyNy that is looking for a new family that will give her lots of love and snuggles! She knows her name and will stand on her hind legs and beg you to pick her up. Not your typical hamster right?! She s a special Tortoiseshell coloring that is only found in female hamsters! She will come with her large wheel, water bottle, food dish, toys, ex...
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