You re naturally friendly and helpful, happiest on the move, and ever alert to what needs doing. Talking with people from all over energizes you. And with an aim to please, you thoughtfully offer guests helpful tips while opening doors, whisking away luggage, and holding pet leads as guests get settled. You know the hotel and surrounding area by heart and the best routes for getting passengers ...
You re happiest when you re on the move. You have a friendly, helpful nature. You enjoy hearing passenger stories and sharing helpful details along the route. Traffic jam? No problem. You know the best routes for getting passengers safely to their destination and on time. Your driving history is spotless; the same way you keep the property s vehicle, because it reflects the hotel and 1st impres...
Drive brand new Tacoma and Tundra trucks from the assembly line so they may be prepared for shipment. This job is physically demanding and fast-paced. It is Temp-to-Hire and pays $11.00/hr. Basic medical benefits offered by Requested Personnel after 60 days of employment. Eligible for excellent benefits after hire by client. We are always accepting applications for current openings.
The Carousel Host creates an background for our hotel guests by offering them a larger than home background with welcoming, helpful and exceptional service, while maintaining a clean, comfortable and inviting environment. Our successful Carousel Hosts demonstrate attributes of a great Host by being aware and attentive to our guest s needs; in addition they create conversations and share a momen...
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